Mentoring & Sparring

Reach and proximity at the same time:
The Interview Plus Formats

Become a mentor – be a supporter: The Interview Plus Mentoring

The women in our herCAREER Community have the opportunity to apply as a mentee to the interview partner. For this we ask the applicants to describe their motivation on a DIN A4 page and to submit a CV via XING and / or LinkedIn. The mentor or sparring partner will decide whether to accept the application. As a mentor, she can also decide where and how she would like to be contacted
for the application. She also decides which and how many mentees she wants to accept. The mentor is available to the mentee(s) for an exchange for at least three (video) meetings.

Why become a mentor? And how?

Introducing you as a mentor also means we give you extra reach, by listing you on our social media channels. Please see page 23 for our reach.

Download: You can find numbers, facts, and further information in the brochure ‘Personal & Employer Branding meets herCAREER’ in our media library.

Mutual support: The Interview Plus Sparring

The interviewee indicates a possibility of contact and a willingness for a sparring on self-selected topics. The offer for sparring refers to an informal exchange that both sides can arrange individually – we do not set any guidelines here. We at herCAREER merely build the bridge.

Why become a sparring partner? And how?

The sparring partners receive additional coverage from us by being presented on our social media channels. Contact details are requested in advance and presented immediately after the interview.