herCAREER Expo

Turn your exhibition booth into a meeting point!

The visitors come from all over Germany and neighboring countries – not least, because we deliberately put the focus on encounters in order to enable meetings and direct exchange – above all with role models.

Make use of this opportunity! This way, you give authentic insights into your company – and also promote network building. Who, if not your employees can talk best about projects your company works on and the opportunities you offer?

Plan your exhibition experience in a way that you can exchange topics on a small-scale at your booth with formats such as meetups, talks or labs. We recommend, to book 2 to 3 daily events at the exhibition booth, so that they become part of the official exhibition program. We gladly support you with boothpackage “Maxima MeetUp” beginning at a booth size of 18 sqm.

Check beforehand which “stories” and topics you want to bring in. Refrain from company presentations. Share insights and already communicate which specific learnings the participants will be able to take with them when you submit the details of your content-related contribution.

TIP: At your exhibition booth you should above all

  • what topics you would like to be addressed about
  • what meetups/talks/labs are taking place at your booth (incl. time)
  • which competencies you are looking for

Keep in mind to incorporate as many diversity characteristics as possible. Demonstrate your company’s commitment to diversity.