For those, who have a job to offer*:

*and want to be matched to the herCAREER talent pool all year round

When herCAREER was founded, it was already our ambition to do many things differently. Thus, in 2019, starting from the idea to allow targeted meetings, we developed an expo matching which was algorithm-driven. We knew that we could enhance this service with further functions in order to create a year-round platform. And this is how herCAREER-Jobmatch was created.

Personality traits, values, and preferences have become indispensable core factors in the professional context. For this reason, our Jobmatch matches job seekers and employers with focus on these very core factors. Professional competencies and lateral entrants complete the matching. True to the maxim: “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills” we believe that due to this focus new and completely different opportunities will open up for both sides.

A special feature of herCAREER-Jobmatch: It doesn’t only show, the candidate’s skills but also their preferences.

In contrast to digital expo-matching, the digital expo-matching matches specific jobs with potential candidates. Employers indicate, which professional profiles and functional levels they are primarily interested in.
Employers are welcome to create a profile at and allow
your positions to be matched with candidates anytime.