Bringing job seekers and employers together in a competence-based and unbiased manner – we make this possible on the basis of a scientifically sound questionnaire and innovative matching technology. With herCAREER-Jobmatch, herCAREER also offers the possibility of finding candidates for open positions on the basis of required knowledge and skills, independently of the expo event, throughout the year and nationwide.

Job seekers create their profile with competencies and soft skills, on the basis of which our tool proposes suitable job profiles. For us, it is the competencies that count – regardless of whether applicants have acquired them through a formal qualification or self-taught. This helps to overcome the “confidence gap” (assumption of not fully meeting the desired requirements). In addition, herCAREER Jobmatch can facilitate a lateral entry for candidates. The advantages for employers: Thanks to the new tool, they can also reach women who may underestimate their level.