herCAREER Expo

Content-Related Participation

You are herCAREER!
herCAREER Expo lives of both your engagement and content-related contribution.

This is our concept and one of the reasons, why visitors join us from all over Germany and beyond. They want to get to know your role models and get authentic insights into your company.

As an exhibitor at herCAREER Expo you can choose from various options:

  • traditional formats such as lectures by role models who speak about their career path.
  • discussions at the auditoriums – e.g. about the development of a certain industry.

You can also choose between interactive formats that focus on an exchange in small groups. These formats are particularly popular with the visitors – because they allow them to enter in an exchange with your employees and hear from the horse’s mouth, how and why your employees work for you and which projects they work on.

At herCAREER-Expo we offer the following formats:

  • Career-MeetUps
  • Expert-MeetUps
  • Job-Offer-Talks
  • Future Talks
  • Innovation Labs

Alle Vortragseinheiten werden nach dem Prinzip „first come, first served“ vergeben.

The program of the expo is structured thematically:

  • Mentoring & Networking
  • Career & Application
  • Personal and Skills development
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Science, Digitization & Technology
  • Taxes, Law & Politics
  • Economy, Work & New Work
  • Money, Finance & Assets
  • Startup & Entrepreneurship
  • Compatibility
  • Society

In terms of content, make sure to provide diverse insights as much as possible, and changing insights if participation is repeated. With regard to diversity, also address age, origin, physical or mental abilities and/or other characteristics. Represent the actual diversity of your company.

Our auditoriums – an open stage

Our auditoriums are our biggest format in terms of the number of participants. Here, you can participate in a presentation or a discussion. For a presentation, we recommend that you involve a female role model from your company or institution. She might want to share her career path or address labor market policies, social and scientific issues from a woman’s perspective. In short: encourage others to take charge of their own career planning. Authentic insights are precious and build a lasting bond with the audience.

  • Duration: 20 minutes for a presentation or 45 minutes for a discussion
  • Participants: 60 to 70 seats
  • Equipment: Lighting and audio engineering, projection screen, bar table, microphone and experienced technicians are on site.

You only need to bring your notebook and your presentation (if necessary).

Our Upgrade Tip:
Book the podcast production for your presentation/discussion –
also possible at a later date. We prepare your contribution for the herCAREER Voice podcast and share it within the herCAREER community.
In addition, your contribution will be at your disposal for further use andembedding.

Instead of a big stage: a targeted exchange – make your company approachable!

We also offer smaller formats of content-related contribution. Our MeetUps & Talks are scheduled in 45 minutes-slots: With approximately 12 participants at specially assigned areas or with 6 to 8 participants (recommended) at your exhibition space (9 sqm and up). What is special: for these formats we deliberately abandon traditional stages and presentations. Here, the focus is put entirely on the exchange in small groups and networking. The formats allow the host to answer questions of the participants directly. Access for participants is granted on site on a “first come, first served” basis.


Focus: Role Models, HR or Diversity managers provide valuable insights into your company
Your Goal: Provide insights and exchange e.g.: on application tips, mentoring, sponsorship, job- sharing formats, etc.
Our Advice: Let your visitors experience your company firsthand. Enable an honest and authentic exchange by allowing your employees to be ambassadors of your company. This way they can build their own networks and recommend others to apply for vacant positions.

Future Talk

Focus: Present your new innovative
topics and business models
Your Goal: Inform interested visitors/potential applicants about changes in your company and reach new target groups.
Our Advice: Speak about the skillset you are looking for in your company to drive innovation forward. Where is your company or your sector headed? Paint the big picture, to give the participants an idea of the exciting projects they could co-create.


Focus: specific job offers or assistance in a special department
Your Goal: Encourage women to apply; counteract the confidence gap.
Our Advice: Refrain from detailed job requirements; name your departments and the entrance levels you are looking for beforehand (internship, trainee, beginner, professional, leader, lateral entry).


Focus: Experts share their “deep smarts”, insights and experience.
Your Goal: Your experts – or you yourself – become visible and share their knowledge in order to help others to become successful as well. In the sense of good networking they will stay connected with you.
Our Advice: Experts could also be lecturers, alumni, customers, students, or doctoral candidates. Let them speak about their project, research, and applications.

Innovation Lab

Focus: Introduction of your incubators / labs / hubs / accelerators
Your Goal: Promote your programs and get in touch with interested visitors.
Our Advice: Let founders, who have already used your innovation tool, authentically
explain the process and
inspire others with it. Or let your innovation expert demonstrate by means of Best-Practices, which innovations you are looking for.

TIP: At your exhibition booth you should above all

  • what topics you would like to be addressed about
  • what meetups/talks/labs are taking place at your booth (incl. time)
  • which competencies you are looking for