Your brand in the herCAREER community!

The people in the herCAREER Community share your enthusiasm to give women the opportunity to be seen and heard.

And it is true: in our community women of
different hierarchical levels become visible – with their path and their experiences. We understand herCAREER as a (digital) platform with an expo in fall. All content
formats on a platform are bridges for an exchange, where you can purposefully place your brand upon.
You are not here for advertising, but for support – and this is also how you build authentic and ongoing trust. For our community we have called these offers Learn &
Connect – this might help you to understand, what you can offer here but also, what you can be here: APPROACHABLE.

Your brand awareness in the herCAREER Community:

Get featured in an interview

Let us interview you and/or your employees to make you visible in a community, which only waits to benefit from your knowledge and experiences.

Our interview formats have three topics:

  • herWHY

Benefit from the Synergies

Show your competencies through our audio and video formats and benefit from the synergies of the various social media channels, the presence on the herCAREER website in the Learn & Connect area as well as from the free use and integration of the content into your own (career) website. In addition to the written interviews, we offer two additional formats for content-related participation within the herCAREER Community:

  • In the podcast herCAREER Voice
  • At an online event as a part of the herCAREER Academy

TIP: Read what speakers, visitors, other supporters and partners say about herCAREER:

Learn & Connect for the Community – Employer and Personal Branding for you!

With Learn & Connect the herCAREER Community provides a digital and wide-ranging stage, where women from different hierarchical backgrounds are made visible and get the opportunity to network with each other. It is the perfect place for your employer brand as well as for your personal brand. The followers and subscribers of both our social media channels and newsletters in addition to the visitors of our website are all part of our ever-expanding community. Due to our tightly intertwined formats we speak to a very diverse group of women with career interests who are curious about the role models from your company!

Our channels – your stage:

  • Website Ø 75,499 impressions/month
  • LinkedIn almost 45,000 followers
  • LinkedIn Group Networking: 1,900 members
  • LinkedIn Group Exchanges: 3,700 members
  • Instagram more than 13,700 followers
  • Threads: more than 1,300 followers
  • Pinterest Ø 11,005 impressions/month
  • Facebook Group Networking: more than 7,800
  • Newsletter: more than 12,000 subscribers
  • LinkedIn Newsletter: almost 17.000
  • herCAREER Voice Podcast: Ø 1,777 downloads & streams per month

Furthermore, our weekly newsletteralso refers to the offers in Learn & Connect, which means that you have an additional coverage here. Specific topics of the newsletters are: interviews, presentation of mentors & partners for an exchange, expo highlights, Academy events and new Voice podcasts.