Our audio and video formats

Make the expertise of your brand come alive through
role models!

We are happy to support you in sharing the story, experiences and insights of your role models through audio or video formats in order to strengthen your corporate brand while adding value to our community. For this we are both a platform and production assistance. Three booking options are available:

  • We produce either an audio or video input according to your wishes.
  • We prepare your content participation at the expo (lecture or discussion) as a subsequent upgrade.
  • You book a brand sponsorship; for this we produce a series of 5 to 10 podcast episodes with the addition “powered by”. The episodes are branded. Participants selected by the editorial team of herCAREER get a chance to speak. The choice of the impulse givers is up to herCAREER, but they will be presented to you as the sponsor for final approval.

Show your competencies!

Podcast herCAREER Voice

In the podcast herCAREER Voice, female perspectives on labour market policies and scientific topics are the focus of the podcast.

Online events of herCAREER Academy

In the herCAREER Academy, your role model will give a 30 to 40-minute online
presentation to share their expertise with the herCAREER Community!
The online event lasts max. 60 minutes incl. Q&A.

Podcast herCAREER Voice

The podcast herCAREER Voice offers diverse and above all female perspectives on labour market, social and scientific topics. Here, listeners learn from role models, experts and insiders and take away valuable ideas for their own career planning. With herCAREER Voice we capture diverse perspectives as well as very personal insights and experiences of exciting women – live from the herCAREER-Expo and from the herCAREER Community.

How will we proceed?
You record an up to 20-minute impulse as an audio file (we advise you on the specific implementation, in particular on the identification of the topic as well as boosting your storytelling). We record the intro and outro with the provided details about the content and the vita of the impulse giver. Your contribution will then be published as an official podcast of herCAREER and made available to you under the herCAREER label for free use – in particular for integration into your (career) website, with a link to the initial publication on the herCAREER website. Like at the expo, the guests in our podcast format act as impulse givers. It is thus not a classical interview format, but rather an impulse – comparable to a TEDx format.

An overview of our services:

For the preparation of the podcast and with the storytelling you will be supported by an editor.

  • Preparation of your contribution incl. intro and outro by our speaker.
  • Playout and promotion in the herCAREER Community (SEO-optimized on the website under Learn & Connect)
  • Play-out on all social media channels: in detail on the herCAREER pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest – in the week of the initial publication an d again a few weeks later
  • Double play-out in the herCAREER newsletter (a second time a few weeks after the initial publication)

Benefit from the synergies with the expo!
Your presentation and/or discussion at the herCAREER-Expo was a complete success? You and your team have prepared intensively? Then let us turn this success
into a podcast and benefit from the synergy effects! The podcast recorded live at the herCAREER-Expo will then be marked with the suffix “Live”.

You can find current examples of the podcast herCAREER Voice on our website or on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

herCAREER Academy

With the herCAREER Academy, we make it possible for you to connect with an extremely ambitious and interested community year-round. Unlike the expo, where you are part of a larger whole, you get exclusive attention here.

How will we proceed?

The impulse should comprise a maximum of 30 to 40 min. The remaining time is for questions. The event will be presented stand-alone (also in the newsletter and via the social media channels) and – if requested and recommended by us – recorded and offered for streaming in the media library afterwards. We strongly recommend the upgrade to be ranked on top in the media library. This way, interested parties can access the recordings again and again.

An overview of our services:

  • Set up of a closed zoom room and support during the event.
  • Upon approval: recording of the event and editing as a video stream
  • Provision of the video stream in the herCAREER media library (lasting effect, increase of your reach)
  • Play-out and promotion in the herCAREER Community (SEO-optimized on the website under Learn & Connect)
  • Play-out on all social media channels: In detail on the herCAREER pages an d in selected groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest – in the week of the initial publication and again a few weeks later.
  • Double play-out in the herCAREER newsletter (a few weeks after the initial publication a second time with reference to the media library).

The following topics are always of particular interest in the community:

  • Personality & competence development
  • Business, Work & New Work
  • Career & Application
  • Mentoring & Networking
  • Science, Engineering, Digitalization & Technology
  • Compatibility
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Finance, Retirement & Investment
  • Start-up & Entrepreneurship

You can find current examples of herCAREER Academy on our website