Female Empowerment

HR professionals know that employees who come through personal recommendations tend to stay longer and are more motivated. The ongoing discussion about New Work and digitalization has made us aware that diversity becomes tangible through cross-hierarchical networking and an open exchange characterized by appreciation and empathy.

And this is where herCAREER comes in. With herCAREER, participants are brought into exchange throughout the year. In addition, the annual herCAREER Expo provides the conditions for compact networking over two days.

Benefit from well-connected employees and encourage them to connect with the herCAREER community – digitally and in person at the herCAREER Expo.

herCAREER Expo – the largest networking event in Europe

Do you have a women’s network in your company or are you looking for valuable benefits for your employees? Enable them to attend the herCAREER Expo. The two-day Expo is a place for discussions across hierarchies and industries.

By providing ticket vouchers to your internal women’s network, you enable your employees to establish new valuable contacts for themselves and the company, while also strengthening your employer branding. And the best part: If you support your women’s network, we support you by providing free ticket vouchers (worth 20 EUR for the 1-DAY TICKET).

Request the vouchers for your internal women’s network here.

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Women are still often perceived as not being well-connected enough. From our experience with herCAREER, we know that there are numerous women who actively seek opportunities for exchange with others, both within and outside their own organization. Be the employer who actively supports their employees in building and expanding their networks. Do you have concerns that by opening up networking opportunities, your employees may consider other career options? Allow us to make a point: Be the one who actively supports your employees in their professional development. If someone wants to leave a company, it’s not because they were given access to a network.

We say: True female empowerment emerges when we are willing to support each other and open doors.