Female Empowerment

Together we can do more. Female Empowerment with

HR managers know: employees who are hired due to personal recommendation
stay longer and are more motivated. The current debate over New Work and digitization makes us realize: diversity is becoming a reality e.g. through crosshierarchical networks and an open exchange which is shaped by appreciation
and empathy.

And this is exactly where the herCAREER Network sets in. The network brings participants together for an exchange and offers the following networking opportunities:
lunchdates and sparring.

Female empowerment can be this easy for your company. Benefit from wellconnected employees and their empowerment and encouragement through interdisciplinary sparring and lunchdates. With the herCAREER Network you can support female empowerment.

Why you should support your employees in building a network?
Women are still said to build less effective professional networks. Based on our experience with herCAREER we know there are several women who deliberately look for an exchange with others – even and particularly outside of their own organization. Be the employer who supports their employees in actively building and expanding their network. You have reservations that your employees could look elsewhere once they have built a network?
Allow us the following remark: Be the one who actively supports their employees in their professional development. If someone wants to leave a company, it is not because they were allowed to have access to a network.

What you can do?
Encourage your employees to create a profile! By the way, until further notice, your participation in the herCAREER Network free of charge.